On November 19, 2022, Delphy Japan opened its own office. Due to the growth of the Delphy Japan team, an office of their own was necessary and fitted in with the strategy.

Delphy Japan was founded in 2014 as Japan’s first privately held independent horticultural consultancy. In recent years, the team has expanded, and a leading independent consultancy has emerged.

Delphy Japan focuses on advising growers and investors in greenhouse horticulture and, recently, also in Vertical Farming. By applying innovative developments and knowledge, Delphy Japan contributes to the horticultural sector in Japan.

The Delphy Japan team currently consists of 7 consultants, and the team will expand in the coming years due to the strongly increasing demand. With this, Delphy Japan responds to the increasing knowledge needs of greenhouse horticulture in Japan.

For more information:
Aad van de Berg
CEO Delphy Japan
+31 6 41 90 05 75