From January 1, 2023, the Dutch company AltaNova will take over the Nertera cultivation from Henk Kooij of Kooij Nertera Natural. This way, AltaNova adds another extraordinary product to its colorful selection.

Henk Kooij symbolically hands over his plants to Harm (left) and Reinier (right) Hoogendoorn

Kooij Nertera Natural from Ens, The Netherlands, is globally the only producer of Nertera Granadensis Astrid, also known as coral moss.

As of January 1, AltaNova will take over the entire cultivation from Henk Kooij, who is going to retire. Furthermore, the entire stock of plants and automatization will be transferred, along with an employee that knows the product and its particular ornamental cultivation through and through. Nertera's cultivation isn't for everyone. Both cultivation experience and the right circumstances are needed to produce these unique plants. Because AltaNova is specialized in growing extraordinary (house) plants, the Nertera fits perfectly in its selection, according to AltaNova.

Coral moss
Despite what its English name, 'coral moss,' seems to imply, the Nertera Granadensis is not a moss plant. It's a decorative and cheerful houseplant known as a compact growth plant with small, dark green leaves and a sea of flowery orange, yellow or white berries. As long as the plant isn't placed in too hot of an environment and kept moist (preferably with its bottom roots in water), the consumer can enjoy the plant for up to three months.

The Nertera breeding for 2023 and 2024 will continue to take place in Ens. In December, the fattening is set to move to the location of AltaNova in Zevenhuizen so that the products can be delivered there. The ornamental plant is available all year round. Nertera is available at AltaNova in pot sizes of 8 and 12 cm. The 8 cm pot is available in three colors: orange, white, and yellow. The 12 cm pot is only available in orange.

About AltaNova
AltaNova specializes in breeding blooming products for each season and pursues their mission of providing consumers with the 'not standard' products. Instead, they grow extraordinary plants, making them available for consumers, regardless of how difficult their cultivation may be. 

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