Flowers4School - is a charitable social project aimed at greening up Ukrainian schools with flower bulbs and plants supported by exporters and farmers from the Netherlands and Ukraine. The project's primary mission is to introduce Ukrainian children to the world of flowers and plants by participating in planting bulbs in their school gardens. The Dutch companies believe that planting their bulbs near Ukrainian schools will help to positively influence children's morale and show them that gardening is a fun activity that develops their love for the land and Motherland.

Flowers4School bulb planting is an actual happening where children can plant bulbs and plants in their school garden or flowerbed. They can see with their own eyes how the shoots appear from the flower bulbs and give stunning flowers in the spring. They will be delighted to see what beauty they can grow with their hands.

What is included in the set for Schools?

Flowers4school is a box with flower bulbs and plants, which contains a large collection of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, and other types of plants. As well as all the necessary materials for planting.

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