Showcasing the latest technical innovations and horticultural practices, ICL’s Hort Science program kicks off in January with the launch of Hort Science Online 1 (HSO 1).   

“Following three highly successful Hort Science Live events in 2022 - attended by over 200 growers, advisers, and students – the event will return to a digital format in 2023,” explains ICL marketing communications manager Adam Ferjani. “Going live on January 9, HSO 1 will feature six topical and practical presentations - predominantly filmed on UK nurseries.”   

“The subject matter shines a spotlight on the thorny issues of labor recruitment and the latest pest and disease threats. It also provides an opportunity to hear how a seasoned grower approaches biological vine weevil control, delves into the physical characteristics of peat alternatives, and provides practical pointers on how to minimize N leaching in sustainable growing media and get the most from water-soluble fertilizers.”   

ICL technical manager Andrew Wilson will look in depth at Nitrogen (N) leaching and explain why sustainable growing media is less able to buffer nutrients. With recent N leaching legislation, he explains why growers must pay attention to nutrient strategies and how Osmoform High N and Osmocote N can help improve N efficiency while minimizing leaching. 

Turning to Water Soluble fertilizers and sustainable growing media, Andrew explains why irrigation practices need reviewing, the importance of water quality, and how wetting agents boost efficiency.

With many growers adopting biological vine weevil control programs, Karl Ducker - of Mr. Evergreen - explains how he uses beneficial nematodes. With 40 years’ practical nematode experience, he explains how he uses Seeka nematodes to best effect before handing over to Sam Rivers, ICL technical manager for controls, to explain how ICL’s new Plant Health Planner can help.

Filmed at ICL’s recent Hort Science Live 2022 in Ireland, ICL technical manager Chloe Whiteside takes a knowledgeable and scientific look at peat alternatives, their physical characteristics, and the management of resulting peat-reduced/free growing media.

With labor issues, a major concern for UK growers, Sarah Want - a team manager from recruitment specialist MorePeople - sheds light on recruitment challenges and solutions. Rounding off the HSO 1 lineup, Defra plant health specialist Dr. Aaron Hoyle outlines three current pest and disease threats.

Presentations last 15-20 minutes, with a multiple-choice quiz for BASIS and NRoSo points.

A further series of topical issues will be featured in HSO 2 - due to be launched in the spring. 

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