Accredited Supplier Coles Nurseries recently installed 96 solar panels on their Thurnby Head Office roof. As part of their mission to reduce their carbon footprint.

This economic change will provide an environmentally friendly power source to their offices, reducing Co2 emissions by 8.5 tonnes per year. The solar panels will provide 39500kWh annually, which is a positive step towards 'Net Zero.'

Coles Nurseries says: "We aim to reduce the demands placed on the earth's ecosystems by growing 3 million trees, shrubs, and plants at any one time, every year".

Striving for environmental balance is at the forefront of many landscaping projects. Coles Nurseries can help your company keep that promise. Offering a huge range of home-grown specimens to meet any environmentally-led projects.

James Coles, Managing Director, says: "By using innovative renewable energy systems, Coles Nurseries will reduce carbon emissions and its electric costs, leading to a better future for all concerned."  

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