In the flower fields in districts Nghi Loc, Dien Chau, and Quynh Luu, over the last two months, farmers have been tilling the soil and sowing seeds to serve the 2023 Lunar New Year crop.

For them, Tet is the most important crop of the year. To have bountiful crops, farmers have to work day and night, weeding, fertilizing and spraying pesticides. Lighting lamps at night is one of the important techniques used to help flowers grow as desired.

Tran Thi Van, 52, in Nghi Hoa commune in the Nghi Loc district, said it has rained a lot this year, so flowers are likely to get infected with fungi and pests, so they may grow slowly. 

Daisies are short-term flowers that can flower quickly. But the plants will not have enough light to obtain a suitable height before blossoming.

“We have been using lighting systems throughout the night for a month now. This keeps the plants awake, turns night into daytime, and helps control the harvesting time. This can also help trees obtain a height of 60-80 cm. After that, we will turn off the light so that plants can give flower buds,” Van explained.

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