For more than 100 years, 103 to be precise, Morel Diffusion has been developing new varieties of Cyclamen Persicum and is producing the seeds in France. Most of their products are distributed in Europe but also reach markets like the USA, China, and Japan. The demand for their products has been stable over the last few years, but it is expected to increase as more and more new varieties enter the market. In this article, we look back at 2022 and forward to 2023 with Héloïse Morel, research and communication project officer at this French cyclamen breeding company.

Looking back at 2022

2022 has been an exciting year, Morel explains. "We had many visitors at our trials in the Netherlands and in France last November. In Fréjus, we had about 160 visitors (150 last year), mainly from France and Italy but also from overseas Japan and Mexico. We also held our trials at Preesman in the Netherlands, where Eric Forshelen and Johan Huisman, our Northerm Technical Advisors, welcomed about 100 visitors, mainly from Northerm Europe. However, the preparations did not go without any challenges this year. Culture is always challenging, and the heat wave this summer has delayed the culture time of our crops in Fréjus. The long period of heat blocked the plants' growth, and we needed to adjust for this delay. That is why we have also extended the open doors days from 2 weeks to 3 weeks."

Morel Trials in Fréjus.

At the trials in Fréjus, they welcomed Mr. Plant Geek, who is very well-known in the horticulture market and has been passionate about plants for over 30 years. "He gave us fantastic feedback about our novelties and pre-introduction. He is a great ambassador for the horticultural industry, and we were thrilled to have him over. Before leaving, he has selected his five favorites out of all the varieties."

Mr. Plant Geek.

Indiaka - large campaign in Germany
Indiaka® is one of Morel's special varieties. "It is a very unique variety, and we were the first in Europe to create these bicolored petals (two petal tones). It was inaugurated in 2018." In 2022, they have been focusing on communication more than ever. "We are present on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and this year we have launched a new press campaign for this top variety, 'Indiaka, share the joy!'" as Morel explains. Last November, a TV broadcast on the German national Channel was aired. "In the morning breakfast program SAT. 1, "Frühstücksfernsehen," attention was given to this variety in Germany. "

AIPH Grower of the Year Awards finalist
Also, Morel is very excited that they are being nominated as a finalist of the AIPH International Grower of the Year (IGOTY). The award ceremony will take place during the IPM Essen on January 24. "When eminent industry colleagues, with a very broad view on the global horticultural market, invited us to participate in the IGOTY 2023 awards, this was a great surprise. What an honor! A great recognition of fantastic teamwork. Loyal and long-term customers, dedicated team members, visionary Morel family members, and ambitious and down-to-earth leaders are all seeking progress, preservation of nature's resources, and bringing beauty to the world. Being a finalist already says, "yes, others than we at Morel like that." Now, considering the complete evaluation made by AIPH experts, we are enthusiastic to participate as the evaluated topics are fully in line with our way of running our company and our ethics."

Looking ahead to 2023

Despite the current rising energy costs and overall economic uncertainty, which could lead to a lower enthusiasm for plants in general, Morel has high hopes for 2023. "Cyclamen stays among some of the key plants in a flowering potted plant assortment for retailers, and the introduction of new varieties will keep the interest going." So, for 2023, there will be a lot of planning again. First of all, the communication campaign for Indiaka in Germany will continue, and new varieties will be introduced at the IPM Essen. Also, in November, the annual trials will take place again.

Metis Crispino®.

At the IPM Essen in Germany, which will take place from January 24-27, Morel will be presenting several new varieties, including Metis Crispino®, a mini fringed Cyclamen with nine colors in a mix, including red. "This future novelty has created a lot of enthusiasm in the trial this year. It is characterized by its ruffled flowers and vivid color. It is perfect for early flowering in autumn."

Halios Red Satisfaction.

Another novelty will be Halios® Red with its very thin white edge called red Satisfaction.

Indiaka® Light Rose. (Find Indiaka on Instagram #indiaka_cyclamen). 

And again, Indiaka® will take center stage at their booth, and a new color, Light Rose, will be introduced.

Eager to see Morel's varieties and meet the team? Visit their booth in Hall 6, stand G14, during the IPM Essen.

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