With the new Gutter Cleaner, BD Solutions, a sister company of De 3 Koningen B.V., makes it possible to mechanically clean enclosed cultivation gutters, which could not be done properly before. This is an important development in keeping this part of the greenhouse clean and free of viruses.   

Barry and Dennis van Leeuwen of De 3 Koningen, specialized in greenhouse cleaning and disinfection, often come across enclosed gutters while cleaning greenhouses. Barry: "the inside of these gutters are extremely difficult to clean. The gutters are so long you can hardly look into them, let alone be able to clean them."

Gutter Cleaner
With the Gutter Cleaner of BD Solutions, the cleaning of enclosed cultivation gutters is no longer a problem. All plant debris can be removed effortlessly, and at the same time, the gutter will be disinfected. This is important for the prevention of bacteria and viruses.  

The machine provides high pressure and a lot of liquid simultaneously. As a result, the disinfection extends up to a meter outside of the gutter. Dennis: "This application allows complete cleaning and disinfection of the greenhouse, and it prevents problems for new cultivation and contributes to optimal production."

Compact and stable
The compact Gutter Cleaner is built on crawler tracks and therefore is very stable. The powerful stage 5 engine not only enables high pressure but also ensures the right environmental standards are being followed. In addition, the machine is user-friendly thanks to easy operation with a radiographic controller.

De 3 Koningen B.V.
The new Gutter Cleaner is already fully being utilized for the cleaning of enclosed cultivation gutters by sister company De 3 Koningen B.V. Barry: "Thanks to our experience and the demand of customers in greenhouse cleaning, we can develop and market machines with BD Solutions which perfectly match activities in and around the greenhouse." 

For rent/ for sale
The Gutter Cleaner is available for rent and can be ordered as well.

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