It is estimated that over 2.5 million cyclamen pots are sold in Australia every year, and a new meaningful connection with this plant has been created. On behalf of Motherless Daughter's Australia, Adrian Parsons, Managing Director of Helix Australia, is the Australian nursery industry lead in developing the Cyclamen Mother's Halo marketing campaign. 

"Set to launch prior to Mother's Day, Cyclamen Mother's Halo will feature a royalty label on every pot sold and will be very well supported by a professional and focused Media and PR campaign," he explains. Adrian and the team at Motherless Daughters Australia are currently canvassing Australian cyclamen growers and interested retail partners to become involved in this promotion, supporting a fantastic cause.

Motherless daughters Australia (MDA)
"Motherless daughters Australia is thrilled to be partnering with growers in the Mother's Halo Cyclamen initiative. The enthusiastic uptake and commitment we are receiving from Australian cyclamen  growers will give a new and meaningful connection to the cyclamen and, through a targeted media campaign, ensure a powerful retail response", says Danielle Snelling, CEO of Motherless Daughters Australia

"This robust and beautiful bloom that since the 16th century has represented true love, female devotion, and sincerity is a wonderful alignment for all mothers, including and especially for those who now have angel wings."

Snelling continued, "Mother loss before the age of 40 has a profound and life-long impact. Twenty cents from every Mother's Halo label will be donated to MDA to fund research and support more than a million Australian women, girls, and children whose mothers have died."

MDA flower label. Click here for the enlarged image

Advantages for the grower
Besides supporting a charity, this partnership will also support growers to elevate the visibility of their cyclamen, explains Adrian. "MDA has proven ability to attract top tier media with an audience reach of more than 6 million in the months leading up to Mother's Day and beyond. The MDA community, events, and programs generate significant publicity and promise to create a very high consumer profile for Cyclamen' Mother's Halo'. What this means for a grower is a significant boost to trade and consumer demand for your cyclamen, which will facilitate quick crop turn and strong bottom-line results. " 

*2022 media reach nationally 6 million plus across four weeks April/May

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