Decofresh introduces the new rose Moccachino from breeder De Ruiter.

The Moccachino is a 'romantic' and 'nostalgic' flower with delicate warm pink-brown colors. Moreover, it is a compact flower that opens beautifully and is easy to incorporate into any type of decoration and bouquet. The rose comes from De Ruiter's breeding division.

Linda Hanssen of Arstidens Basta and a bridal bouquet by Tom de Houwer

Some florists and designers have already tested the flower and are enthusiastic.

Andreas Frank, florist and floral influencer at Blumenwerk Neudenau from Germany:
"What a stunning beauty, delicate with a beautiful play of colors. Rose Moccachino has the chance to become one of the new stars in the wedding rose sky. I am already looking forward to the 2023 wedding season."

Petri van Rijsdijk, florist at Fiori Flowers from the Netherlands:
"Moccachino opens quickly and beautifully and smells wonderful! This makes it a perfect rose for bridal and funeral arrangements! And this rose is also very tall! The color intensity of this rose is perfect! From oud rose to salmon pink, it suits every combination. A must for every florist!"

Petri Rijsdijk of Fiori Flowers

Linda Hanssen, florist at Årstidens Bästa from Sweden:
"Moccachino has been a favorite from the first time. Smooth and soft pink, a perfect mix. And when the rose is in full bloom, it's just perfect!"

Available at Decofresh Roses

Rose Moccachino will be available exclusively through Decofresh Roses from Friday, 20 January.