It's your typical German weather day in Essen, so it's the perfect time to attend the IPM to brighten up the day. Last year, IPM had a summer edition. While it was still a very valuable show, the experience of a classic IPM was missing. So, it didn't come as a surprise that people were looking forward to this edition. There was indeed quite some traffic to get to the show venue - though admittedly, that's quite common in that area. 

Peter Dekker with Peter Dekker Installaties, Mark Verdouw with Olsthoorn, Jelmer Huizing with Hawe, and Dennis Zwinkels with Olsthoorn 

Kalina Kononenko, Saskia Reimann Karolin Theele and Thomas W├Ârmer 

Mark van Dijk and Leon Strik from Svensson are visited by John van Haasenbroek en Jack van der Voort with SchermNed.  

The atmosphere at the show is very positive, and there's widespread good energy after years of project postponements and such. With energy and raw materials prices finally climbing down, projects are being picked up again. At the same time, the experience of the pandemic and all the challenges that came afterwards make people think of how the show will continue now and, generally speaking, in the near future. 

This also raises the question of why some of the big players are MIA, such as Danziger, Florensis, and Royal van Zanten, for instance. That aside, the show is packed with 1,330 exhibitors coming from 46 different countries. 

You can also come visit us at our booth, Hall GA
Stand GA-47, where you can pick up our Greenhouse Guide for free. 

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