This week the Horticultural team at Powerplus Group exhibited at the Africa Agri Expo in Nairobi. Meeting delegates from countries across the region, including the Ministers for Agriculture from South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. 

The team signed an agreement with the Nairobian local government to help design an R&D facility to carry out research into arid environment agriculture.

The majority of conversations led to how PPG and its partners could help provide solutions that would insulate the issues generated by climate change in the region, such as drought and sudden rainstorms wiping out crops.

Alongside meeting grower cooperatives and local government, the team also met with the British High Commission for Kenya and the Department for International Trade to discuss expanding UK exports to the region in exchange for helping local growers connect with the UK markets.

We look forward to seeing how PPGs expansion into this new market will progress over the coming months.

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