"A new way to enjoy Gypsophila and raise the Floriculture industry has arrived." Florequisa chose Wffsa Floral Distribution Conference 2023 as the ideal setting for the launch of its exclusive premium Gypsophila variety: White Force. 

"As its name suggests, The White Force is an exclusive Gypsophila by Florequisa, genetically generated from our science, propagation, and technical teams allowing us to create a Gypsophila with the most intense white on the market," this Ecuadorian grower says.

"Actually, the description with which the market has determined this variety is: "it looks like a snowflake" as its large button allows the stems to be lost among the majesty of this pure white."


But it is not only its color that makes it the star variety. It is also its 'Force,' they say: 

  • Average Button size: 13mm.
  • This variety has a better and faster opening in warm rooms. 
  • More flowers on the bud (hence its snowflake look).
  • More weight, uniformity, and stem thickness.
  • A flower that adheres to a dyeing process like no other flower:
  • Less time, more color acquisition, and bright tones.
  • Sea travel resistance in natural and tinted flowers.
  • Exclusive variety.

"It is a Gypsophila that takes your experience of enjoying flowers to a new level."

"May the White Force bloom with you." With this essence, Florequisa made its launch campaign with a unique theme. "Are you a flower lover and Star Wars fan? Ok, take a deep breath, and watch your heartbeat because the White Force Experience is about to make you explode. Check the experience below:

"Just the beginning of a whole floral experience."

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