The Prince William County Board of Supervisors recently approved a memorandum of understanding with the Friends of Horticultural Therapy group to build a therapeutic garden at Shenandoah Park in Prince William County.

As part of the agreement, the county will oversee the development of the project, and the Friends group will manage the daily operations. This project is the culmination of an 18-year effort by the Friends group to realize their vision of improving the lives of adults with mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities through therapeutic horticultural activities. The project aligns with the County Strategic Plan goal to expand or enhance the continuum of community-based care and treatment services that address human service needs on a pathway to self-sufficiency and stability, as well as aligns with the Department of Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan Inclusion Focus Area.

The new center, centrally located in Prince William County on county-owned property, will provide a permanent space with classrooms, administrative offices, and surrounding acreage for participants to have hands-on experience in creating and maintaining gardens and other therapy projects.

Friends of Horticultural Therapy (FOHT) is now raising funds for the construction of this center. The new center will be donated to PWC to permanently house the Horticultural Therapy Program.