Flower prices have fallen in Jhenaidah, the second biggest producing district in Bangladesh after Jashore, amid recurring strikes and blockades called by BNP and its allies, according to industry people. This is because fewer buyers are able to visit the region for purchasing flowers as transport operators are unwilling to provide their services following the recent truck and bus burnings.

Besides, the lack of festivities in face of ongoing political unrest has lessened demand, leaving farmers with little option other than to sell their flowers for cheap before they wither. As per data of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) in Jhenaidah, flowers were cultivated on 254 hectares of land for the ongoing fiscal year.

However, farmers say they have been incurring huge losses since October 28, when BNP and its allies announced their first 48-hour blockade across Bangladesh following the arrest of party members. Traditionally, buyers travel to Ganna Bazar and Baliadanga Bazar in Jhenaidah sadar upazila every day to purchase flowers for sale in different parts of the country.

But marigold prices have fallen to about Tk 30 for 800-piece bundles while it was Tk 150 a few days ago. Similarly, rose prices have shrivelled to around Tk 3 from Tk 8 per piece.

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