With their businesses blossoming, Homestead Growers and Amerigo Farms acknowledged the call for change. They have navigated the complexities of fragmented IT systems and are now implementing an all-in-one Agriware system that seamlessly integrates their processes. Agriware's consultancy team is implementing the system in phases. What phases are distinguished in the implementation process?

Today, Homestead Growers & Amerigo Farms is one of North America’s largest and premier specialist growers of potted Calla Lilies. With over 500,000 sq. ft. of production space and a yield of over 1,000,000 plants annually, Homestead Growers is proud to be the grower of choice for some of the biggest and best grocery chains, distributors and garden centers across North America.

Implementation Phase 1: Optimizing Production
Working hand in hand with the Homestead team, the Agriware Consultants began to optimize production processes. They configure item structures and fine-tune company settings, define company-specific properties, establish user roles and permissions with manager training, and introduce production forecasting. "This allows for agile production planning, accurate workorder registration, efficient space management, resource optimization, labor data analysis, and comprehensive inventory control."

Implementation Phase 2: Sales and Purchasing
"As we move forward, the focus shifts to enhancing sales and purchasing operations. Sales order processing is streamlined for efficiency, enabling the team to enter and process order details seamlessly. Finance setup plays a vital role in configuring financial settings. Purchase planning becomes a structured process with requisition worksheets for plant and raw materials. Purchase orders are efficiently managed, with an emphasis on seamless receiving processes."

Implementation Phase 3: Operational mobility
In this final phase, they optimize operations comprehensively. "Currently, plant information is gathered manually, primarily through on-paper records from the farm and field. This manual process is prone to errors and lacks opportunities for improvement.To address these issues, Homestead Growers is actively implementing the suite of Agriware 365 Operations (Mobile Apps)"

  • Enhance labor management – log activities
  • Streamline planning processes – people, labor
  • Optimize logistical tasks – pick, pack, loading
  • Facilitate more accurate plant inspections – counting, scouting, and more

Homestead Growers & Amerigo Farms are one of North America’s largest and premier specialist growers of potted Calla Lilies.

"With this software implementation project, Homestead Nurseries and Amerigo Farms will enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall business performance."

Pascal van der Wijngaart, Mprise Agriware lead consultant: “Over the course of 7 months, we are diligently planning to execute the full implementation of the system, paving the way for the efficient operation of all farms. The team members will undergo comprehensive education and training through a combination of on-site and online sessions, tailored to their specific areas of expertise”.

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