In the Netherlands, KG Systems & KG Greenhouses participated in the CollegeTour organized by Glastuinbouw Nederland, AVAG, Greenport Aalsmeer, and VNO-NCW. It wanted to introduce technical students to greenhouse horticulture technological innovations.

At client ZwetTulips, they shared one of their recent projects, including a new processing hall and an automatic line for ISO-Group's new planting robots. They also displayed a four-hectare greenhouse in the process of being built. KG Systems & KG Greenhouses highlighted the growing demand for technical personnel to address labor and sustainability challenges.

Technical students see greenhouse farming innovations
More than 100 NOVA College technical students toured greenhouse horticulture companies, including ZwetTulips. During the visit, advanced techniques were explained to them with KG Systems & KG Greenhouses as technology partners.

There was much enthusiasm among the students, many of whom discovered the complexities of greenhouse farming technology for the first time. The companies' collaborations, like KG Systems & KG Greenhouses, gave them insight into the sector.

CollegeTour: Diving into greenhouse horticulture technology
CollegeTour, a Glastuinbouw Nederland, Greenport Aalsmeer, AVAG, and VNO-NCW West initiative, aims to attract technical talent to the greenhouse farming sector. KG Systems & KG Greenhouses presented their contribution to technological advancement during the tour.

The companies used the event to present their projects and clarify that they seek new talent. The CollegeTour provides insight and opportunities for future collaboration and internships.

Future partnerships and opportunities
At the event, KG Systems & KG Greenhouses reiterated that they are open to new talent and have vacancies and internships available. The companies focus on bringing technical staff into the greenhouse industry.

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