Enthusiastic South Canterbury amateur rose growers are realistic about their chances of winning awards at the National Rose Show in Timaru next month.

The show returns to Timaru on December 2-3 for the first time since 2015, and the South Canterbury Rose Society is ready for entries from more than 77 growers from across the country, but members know local success will be difficult.

The furtherest entry is from Northland, according to society member Maureen Johnson, whose husband, Bevan, is a passionate rose grower. “If you think we are enthusiasts, you should see the North Islanders... they are professionals, we are enthusiastic amateurs,” Bevan said.

“We might be able to fluke one rose on the day and put it in.” Another keen Timaru grower, Maureen Ng, who has more than 100 roses growing on her property, said, “we will put in what we can, but we can not compete with these people who really specialize in exhibitions.”

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