Martin Stolze Group expands and strengthens its management team, product portfolio, and digital services to anticipate upon the next phase of growth within the international greenhouse horticulture industry.

Continued investment for sustainable relationships with partners and customers
Dutch Martin Stolze Group supplies innovative automation products for internal transport and handling of horticultural products, especially potted plants. Since 1991, it has always invested proactively in its organization, product portfolio and facilities to be a frontrunner in the market and to serve its loyal base of partners and customers worldwide. The company continues to invest to be ready for the next phase of growth and innovation.

Fit for Future by adapting to change
Martin Stolze has leveraged change to its advantage time over time. A recent change that the company has addressed is the preplanned departure of its managing director, Wido Kruijswijk. After 17 years, Wido has decided to stop in this role and hand over his responsibility to the next generation of leaders. "Wido has been instrumental for the development of the company and its organization," says Alex E. Kind, CEO of Kind Technologies, the AgTech Group behind Martin Stolze. "Together with the entire Martin Stolze team, we are very grateful for Wido's dedication, hard work, and the strong teams he has built over the years." During 2023, Wido and group management have diligently planned for his succession.

New management, new focus
"It is with great pride that I can share with our colleagues, partners, and customers the new management appointments at Martin Stolze," says Wido Kruijswijk. "I feel very comfortable that the new management will be exactly what is needed to take Martin Stolze to the next phase of growth and professionalization while sustaining its strong cultural values that brought us here."

As of November 1, the Board of Directors at Martin Stolze will consist of two persons, Marvin de Klerk and Walter Doorduin.

As Financial Director, Marvin de Klerk will focus on all the financial and administrative processes as well as on IT and general business and process improvements. Marvin is a Dutch chartered accountant and started his career at Ernst & Young, after which he gained experience in a variety of finance roles at Aegon and De Beren (Dutch restaurant chain).

Walter Doorduin will become Managing Director. Having worked previously at Priva, the horticulture greenhouse industry is familiar territory for him. In previous jobs at Fox-IT in Delft, amongst others, he has shown that the growth of results, teams, and people is right up his alley. Walter will focus on the organization's overall development and directly manage Sales and Operations. "I am very excited to start with this new challenge at such a great company," says Walter Doorduin. Ï am honored that Wido has selected me for this role and look forward to continuing our expansions internationally."

New digital services and innovations
In addition to Martin Stolze's recent announcement about expanding its robotics portfolio and organization, new innovations will continue to be launched to the market. Coming period, the company will launch more digital data services within its product portfolio as well as in the way it serves its partners and customers globally. The company is excited about these developments and looks forward to sharing more details at the coming exhibitions, such as IPM, in January 2024.

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