Agaris has invested €1.5 million in its production site, which is located deep within the Landes forests in France.

Key highlights of the investment
Agaris' investment wants to rethink the wood fiber production process, emphasizing eco-conscious practices, local sourcing, and compliance with RHP-standards:

  • Innovative techniques: The new machine enables Agaris to produce fibers from a diverse range of raw materials, including PEFC-certified wood. This allows the company to respond to market evolutions.
  • Local sourcing priority: Agaris is looking at the full life cycle analysis (LCA) of their substrates with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of all aspects of the supply chain. Therefore, continuing support to the local economies by prioritizing the purchase of raw materials from nearby regions and thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation is just one example of our approach to a more sustainable product.
  • Meets RHP-standards: Combining quality and environmental responsibility has always been a top priority. Therefore, the new machine meets the highest industry requirements, including the RHP-standards.
  • High-quality fiber production: With this expansion, Agaris will produce high-quality wood fibers suitable for both the retail market and professional use. This further aligns with the company's dedication to formulating a positive answer to the eco-challenges in the market.
  • Set to operate in 2024: The new machine is now up and running for testing and is scheduled to start full-scale operations at the beginning of 2024, marking a significant milestone in Agaris' journey toward sustainable production practices.

Preparing for a sustainable future
Philippe Gysen, CEO, stated, "Agaris remains steadfast in its commitment to align with the EU Green Deal, reducing product environmental impact and minimizing the use of natural resources while maximizing nature restoration after use. Not only this investment but also other actions, like the appointment of our Business & Sustainability Development Director earlier this year, illustrate this. These practices reaffirm our vision to be the preferred partner for sustainable and top-performing growing solutions, with respect for natural resources."

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