Jet Fresh Flower Growers has received the Social Responsibility Award for their Laundry Program, "Lavandería Mi Ropita Siempre Freshquita." The prestigious recognition was presented to Jet Fresh Flower Growers at the Siflor International Floriculture Symposium held in Quito, Ecuador, in November. Siflor, a non-profit association dedicated to contributing to the human development of Ecuador's flower-growing workforce, honored the company for its outstanding commitment to social responsibility.

Representing Jet Fresh Flower Growers at the event were the dedicated team members Carlos Coloma and Majo Flores. The Laundry Program, strategically designed with the well-being of employees in mind, particularly focusing on women with families within the team, garnered praise for its emphasis on work-life balance. The program ensures that employees have sufficient time to relax, rest, and cherish moments with their families during weekends.

"Lavandería Mi Ropita Siempre Freshquita" addresses the laundry needs of the team, providing them with the convenience of taking home clean, folded clothes without the added burden of household chores. This award not only acknowledges Jet Fresh Flower Growers' unwavering commitment to employee welfare but also underscores the company's dedication to creating a workplace that recognizes and supports the holistic needs of its team members.

Head Coach Michael Black expressed the company's pride in this achievement, stating, "This accomplishment fills our hearts with immense pride, as it reflects our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of our team members."

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