On Sunday, November 26, the Second Peasant Flower Market took place in the square of the Cajicá Cultural and Convention Center. This initiative, spearheaded by Asocolflores and supported by the Administrative Region of Spatial Planning RAP-E Central Region, the Municipal Mayor's Office of Cajicá, the Rural Development Agency, and the association of small producers Agrocomunal.

The purpose of this event, carefully organized to enhance the food security of individuals in the flower sector, their families, and the communities where flower growing occurs in the northern savanna of Bogotá, featured over 40 small producers from Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Tolima, and Cauca. These producers pleasantly surprised attendees with a variety of fresh and processed products of excellent quality, all offered at competitive prices.

As a significant part of the event, Asocolflores and the RAP-E Central Region symbolically signed a memorandum of understanding. This agreement aims to address two crucial aspects: firstly, ensuring food security for those working in the flower sector, and secondly, enhancing the capabilities of the peasants in the central region of the country. The formal signing was accompanied by a delightful performance of the best repertoire of Colombian music by the plucked string training school of the Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism of Cajicá.

The Association of Recyclers of Cajicá – ARCA also played a role in the event by exchanging properly classified usable material for fresh agricultural products within the framework of the Green Change program.

According to data provided by the Municipal Mayor of Cajicá, sales at this peasant market surpassed 20 million pesos, indicating the success of the initiative and its positive impact on the communities.

It is anticipated that such events will serve as a key introduction for small producers in the central region to connect with companies in the flower sector and their collaborators. This strategy aims to establish direct marketing channels and foster opportunities for collaboration.

A heartfelt thank you to all the participants who joined us at the Second Floricultural Peasant Market. In 2024, we look forward to continuing our efforts to contribute to the well-being and quality of life of those who play a crucial role in the development of floriculture in the region, allowing Colombian flowers to reach every corner of the world.

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