To keep the packaging pool in order, the deposit on the Fc519 flower box will increase from €3 to €5 as of Monday, January 15, 2024. To achieve this, Royal FloraHolland is introducing a new packaging code (Fc520), and a 're-stickering' campaign is underway. This article explains what these changes mean for you and how you can prepare for them. In addition to the deposit increase, the company will also introduce a new design next spring.

The 're-stickering' campaign is taking place at all Royal FloraHolland physical hubs, as well as at Veiling Rhein-Maas and Plantion. "We certainly need the help of all Fc519 users in this," the Royal FloraHolland team says. "Therefore, we are asking you to pay extra attention to the changes. You can prepare in advance, which will help ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved."

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