The number of greenhouse vegetable companies in the Netherlands has decreased by 50 to 1,110 this year, according to preliminary CBS figures. The decrease of 50 would be less than the 79 companies that disappeared in 2022.

The CBS also counts another 102 fruit greenhouse companies falling out (excluding strawberry). That's 9 fewer than in 2022, a larger decrease than in previous years.

Rounded off, the area in the preliminary figures comes to 10,305 hectares in total. The total greenhouse vegetable area amounts to 5,580 hectares. Tomato accounts for 1,763.9 hectares, pepper for 1,501.2 hectares, and cucumber for 675.5 hectares. The area of tomato and pepper decreased. Tomato by 51.3 hectares, pepper by 146.6 hectares. The cucumber area increased by 33.4 hectares.

141.4 hectares is fruit cultivation under glass. More than in 2022 (122.6 hectares). The strawberry cultivation under glass amounts to 562.8 hectares. That was still 567.5 hectares in 2022.

The number of ornamental horticulture companies also decreased. In 2023, the Netherlands has 1768 flower nurseries and 570 nurseries of trees and perennial plants. The area decreases by 109.9 hectares for flower nursery crops and by 72.5 hectares for tree nurseries and perennial plants under glass.

The statisticians offer the possibility to view the figures per province, per municipality, and per cultivation.