With a few more growers again, Plants4U, which has been held in the northern German town of Westerstede for years, has outgrown the term "local fair". At this time of year, tree growers open their doors to present their products. Thanks to Hans Vlekke and Henk Thielen, the Dutch trade is also getting increasingly more attention.

Plants4U trade show organizers, participants

Some previously skeptical customers were surprised by what was on display, the men say. The growers have a wide variety of products, most cultivated outdoors but certainly also in greenhouses.

New this year is that two different German events, previously held simultaneously, were merged. "That combination of many growers and the large offering attracted many people, especially on the first two days," says Hans and Henk.

A glimpse of the event hall

4,000-hectare tree nursery
Most of the regional companies are Royal FloraHolland suppliers and big German plant players. Local and overseas traders could find a large assortment of conifers, climbing plants, heather, (Christmas) trees, fruit trees, hydrangeas, and much more. This business activity has been centered in this area for over a century.

Much of it has long united in the Bund Deutscher Baumschulen Landesverband Weser-Ems (BdB). The group has 650 member companies representing 4,000 ha of nursery production. In a more or less systematic way, they traditionally organize the so-called Oldenburg Winter-Ausstellungen, something Plants4U is affiliated with to some extent.

The companies that participated this year

Looking ahead
An evaluation will follow soon, but according to Hans and Henk, it should be organized similarly next year, probably with even more growers. Especially for Dutch buyers, who have to go a long way and have little time if they want to visit other nurseries, they organized a free overnight stay, dinner, and, this year, even a party.

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