Fleurizon is constantly scouring the globe for the latest, greatest, and most unique starter material. But how was 2023? Did they find some nice varieties, and which were the most interesting and successful that they brought to market this calendar year? Together with Robert Pettorini, we look back at 2023. In short, he is very pleased. “By no means like to brag, but we think 2023 was very successful for us in this endeavor.”

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii
Their first introduction and Pettorini’s personal favorite is the gymnocalycium mihanovichii, or what they at Fleurizon have affectionately dubbed the “tye dye cactus.” “This is due to its swirling multi-color-like effect that is sure to please the eye. The vibrant and brilliant oranges, yellows, blacks, and purples are very much a sight to behold and, due to its fun appearance, make it a must-have for any succulent or cactus garden or perfect for placement in a small pot on windowsills. We look forward to the future success of this truly beautiful cactus.”

Compact vegetable pot plants
Their second introduction is a very unique offering for Fleurizon. Introducing the new vegetable pot plants line but not just any vegetable pot plant, he explains. “Through a long breeding process, these pot plants are unique in the fact that they require no PGR usage to maintain their perfect compact habit, making them the ideal vegetable pot plant for the home, patio, balcony, or garden and gives consumers the ability to pick their own delicious healthy vegetables to enjoy. As I mentioned before, the benefits are not just for the customers but also for the growers. Featuring a compact growth habit without the usage of any plant growth regulators, Increased profit for growers due to less chemical usage, less labor cost, and reduced cultivation time, as well as phytophthora and mildew resistance make this ideal addition to any vegetable program a grower may have.”

Crassula buddah temple
Their next introduction is Crassula buddah temple. “A distinct and truly
amazing succulent with upright columns of grey and green leaves in a unique geometric pattern that has a slight resemblance to a pagoda, making it truly a sight to behold.” They offer this variety in plug, and now it is also available in tissue culture.

Astrophytum asteria
Their final spotlight of our new introductions is another cactus, but according to Pettorinin, it is not just any cactus. “This is the ever-brilliant Astrophytum asteria commonly known as “super kabuto”. These amazing cacti feature a mosaic of white spots and patterns that make each one truly unique, with no two alike.” Fleurizon offers this variety in three different size .5”, 1” and 2”.

Fleurizon imports all the above materials either in bareroot, liners, or tissue culture. “As with most of their material we import this material from around the world clear it through the local authority and then organize transport of the material directly to our customer’s doorstep.”

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