Farmers in the Khorgos region use natural resources and local advantages, achieving significant success in fruit and vegetable harvesting and flower cultivation using greenhouse facilities.

The succulent nursery in Jarysu, led by Mr. Wu Xuehan, uses a combined online and offline sales approach, selling an average of over 300 pots in one day. By the end of September, sales exceeded ¥500,000, with five greenhouses housing over 600 varieties and 300,000 saplings.

Succulents have a short growth cycle and low soil and environmental requirements, thriving with temperatures above 10 degrees, making them ideal for cultivation in greenhouses.

The flower and seedling industry in Jarysu has become a branded success, supplying products nationwide. A second-phase project is underway, attracting investments through various channels.

The floral and sapling base covers 14 hectares, incorporating 50 intelligent greenhouses and benefiting over 130 households engaged in farming.