Exporter SQ Flora aims to offer its customers a wide assortment of flowers via the shortest possible route, sourced from growers in the Netherlands and Kenya. For 1.5 years, they have also been using Floriday for this, especially the contract module. Steven van Reeven, who is responsible for sales, shares his views on digitalization and what role Floriday has in it.

"We have been around for five years now and are still growing," Steven says. The owner, Robert Quak, first spent two years intensively building his network in Dubai before founding SQ Flora. And that proved to pay off. Steven: "Meanwhile, a team works daily to export flowers (90%) and plants (10%) from the Netherlands and Kenya to companies in the Middle East. For example retail companies, wholesalers, but also to event and wedding organizations."

"More certainty and clarity with the contract module"
SQ Flora sells a lot using forward contracts. Steven: "It's part of our strategy. So when I created an account on Floriday 1.5 years ago, I immediately started figuring out everything in the contract module and started using it. It provides certainty and clarity to both us and the growers with whom we do business. We know what we are getting, we are sure of the order request and in what bandwidth we can work."

Less error-prone
Another advantage of the contract module is that the risk of error is minimal, Steven believes. "The confirmations and EKTs are automatic and get to where they need to be at the right time. Ideal for us and for the grower.

'Locking pins' are no longer needed
Recently, the company deviated from using the contract module, and an order was again transmitted via WhatsApp. "That unfortunately went wrong," Steven explains. "Due to a missed absence notice, the order request was not delivered. If you don't work through the contract module, you have to install your own 'locking pins' to make sure you can be sure of your order. With order request call-off through the contract module, this is not the case. The method is easier, and the 'locking pins' are already in place. "We would love to work with more growers in this way."

Offers and requests for quotes
"In addition to the contract module, we also make use of the offers that growers send us," he says. Steven also regularly uses the enquiry function when looking for something in a specific price range. "When I see an interesting product, I make a request for quotes along with the price I have available. Within no time, I knew if there was an agreement on it, and I did not have to call or email about it. This simplifies the process but also makes it less prone to errors."

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