The Anthurium Livium® series is recognizable by its iconic white striped flowers. The bracts look as if a pinstripe has been applied with paint. Livium Orange is an extension of the Livium®, colour palette. The white veins are clearly visible on the bright orange bracts.

The vibrant colours of the Livium Orange remind of citrus trees, and the unique pattern on the leaf provides a stylish Mediterranean appearance.

Outdoor dining, coastal scenes and the smell of zesty fruits come to mind when looking at this vibrant Anthurium.

Its colour palette is unique and creates true Anthurium art. Like in paintings of the Mediterranean by Picasso, Matisse, Dalí and Monet, the Livium Orange truly captures a scenic, vivid essence.

The Livium Orange is air-purifying and blooms for a long time, simultaneously producing new flowers. It’s available in a 12 cm pot size, although 9cm is possible if the plant is maintained to stay compact during cultivation.

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