Drones are being increasingly used in greenhouses, and that's why VanDerEng is developing special drone labels that can be easily scanned by drones. The solution is launched and demonstrated at the IPM in Essen.

The label + stand

The label, which comes with a stand to attach to a tray, was developed by Peter du Crocq, the product specialist at VanDerEng. The stand can be easily clipped on trays so that drones can scan the QR code and gather all those crucial measurements necessary for growers to achieve a bumper crop.

Left: a test at the company. Right, the trays for a demonstration at the IPM are already ready and filled with coins in the shape of the company logo for the occasion.

Green Core slot labels
On top of the labels, VanDerEng also developed the plug and slot labels of Green Core, which are made out of recycled material. Green Core only has a layer of 'virgin plastic' on the outside, which ensures labels meet the necessary requirements. The label has found its way to customers at home and abroad, who are all very satisfied with its durability, use, and weather resistance, as various references show.

As usual, VanDerEng will be present at the IPM Essen to showcase its labels. Special attention will be given to the latest innovation, the Drone label, which is already available in all conceivable versions and quantities upon request. On top of that, the presentation promises to be a spectacle. "We have built a demo greenhouse where we will live and demonstrate how it works," concludes Peter. "Corvus Drones has provided a drone for this purpose, and the trays with the labels are already ready!"

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