Amidst the prevailing biting cold in most parts of northeast China, Lingyuan, a small city in Liaoning province with a population of 200,000, is adorned with a touch of spring vitality. At the crack of dawn, Zhang Yulu quickly finished a nourishing breakfast and headed towards the flower trading market to sell the lilies he had carefully cultivated.

"Many people are unaware that even in the icy and snow-covered landscape of Northeast China, lilies can thrive. I can confidently say that the quality of our lilies is outstanding," said Zhang, a 45-year-old farmer. Despite the chilling cold outside, Zhang's flower greenhouse revealed a warm and humid environment, with more than 9,000 lily buds awaiting to bloom.

"The recent market trends for flowers have been increasingly positive. On weekends or holidays, a bouquet of 10 lilies can fetch up to 100-plus yuan ($13.9)," Zhang said.

When it comes to fresh flowers, the picturesque Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China often comes to mind, with its melodious birdsong and fragrant blossoms. Surprisingly, a transformation has occurred in Lingyuan in northeast China, where extensive flower greenhouses have been set up, ensuring a year-round supply of fresh flowers.