Hendin Structures announces the formation of a sponsorship agreement between the Ontario Horticultural Association (OHA) and Dubois Agrinovation of Montreal, Canada.

The OHA is an association of more than 250 local gardening clubs throughout Ontario, with more than 53,000 combined members. The Association promotes good gardening practices, horticultural sustainability, and education programs for the young people of Ontario, Canada. Its mission is to develop and support programs for all ages and skill levels and encourage gardening, community beautification, environmental stewardship, and conservation.

Dubois Agrinovation is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural products emphasizing irrigation and horticulture. It has an extensive inventory of products for the home and professional growers. Under the BioPlus label, Dubois repackages products for residential growers that were originally intended for commercial growers. Dubois conducts sales across North America.

The sponsorship agreement provides that the OHA will promote Dubois products to its members across Ontario and may use the agreement to promote membership in the OHA. Dubois will provide financial support for the OHA and local OHA clubs and a discount on all purchases made by OHA members. Dubois has also agreed to provide speakers at OHA events to explain the program and demonstrate samples of Dubois gardening products.

Hendin Structures served as an intermediary between the OHA and Dubois Agrinovation.

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