At The Floral Conference – Anaheim, Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts will showcase how powerful AI tools can propel marketing and sales. The limited-attendance conference from the International Fresh Produce Association is on Feb. 27 at the Anaheim Hilton.

Dr. Jay van Zyl and Miriam Wolk

In addition to the AI sessions, the schedule includes plenty of networking time. “This event attracts buyers, growers, importers, and solutions providers who want to drive sales,” said IFPA Floral Director Deb Zoellick. “If you’re part of the floral supply chain, you belong at this marketing- and consumer-focused conference.”

Buyers from more than a dozen banners are registered, including Albertsons, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Sprouts, Safeway, Loblaws, and Harris Teeter.

“We’re pleased to offer a 360 look at AI,” Zoellick said. “In addition to information from an AI expert (Dr. Jay van Zyl, founder of ecosystem.AI), we’ll have a consumer panel that will react to these cutting-edge features, delving into the impact of personalization on individual buying decisions.

“Attendees will discover how AI transforms the customer experience from just a transaction to a personalized conversation,” Zoellick said. “This is important year-round, but we really want to explore how AI can help boost sales in slower, nonholiday times.”

The integration of generative AI in 2024 will unlock new avenues for increased sales in this ever-evolving landscape:

  • dynamic marketing campaigns,
  • enhanced customer service
  • targeted engagement with untapped demographics like Generation Z

Participants will embark on an exciting Shark Tank-style pitch session. Building on insights from the AI session, teams will collaborate to craft compelling pitches. This session offers real-time feedback on how AI can enhance sales not only during peak seasons but also in off-peak periods.

In addition to the AI topic, the conference will look at the state of the floral industry. IFPA Chief Membership Officer Miriam Wolk will explain why, despite challenges, the floral industry is poised for a decade of growth, with strategic shifts and innovations leading the way. “IFPA’s market-focused approach to member support recognizes the diverse impacts of rising living costs, urging floral companies to prioritize affordability and align solutions with consumer needs,” she said.

Registration is now open for The Floral Conference – Anaheim.

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