"Want to make sure your customers have exactly the plant they’re looking for this season? Shopping on Monrovia’s website opens opportunities for both you and your customers."

For retailers, the program is an opportunity to expand inventory without a lot of extra work. “Think of it as a special-order system,” said Katie Tamony, Monrovia’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Your customers are getting exactly what they want and heading into your store for pickup, advice, and potential upsells. You’re selling pre-purchased plants without holding inventory or wondering if they will sell. Best of all, your garden center earns 40% on every Shop Monrovia order delivered to your location.”

How does it work? Home gardeners shop on Monrovia.com and purchase their high-quality, craftsman-grown plants. During the checkout process, they choose their local garden center location for delivery. The plants are then delivered to participating Shop Monrovia retailers, and purchasers are notified their plants have arrived. Shop Monrovia purchased plants come clearly marked with special sleeves and tags. When the customer heads into the store for pickup, garden centers can offer advice, companion plants, and other items to help them create their dream garden.

Research shows that Shop Monrovia brings new customers into retail locations. “75% of the Shop Monrovia orders come from consumers who have never been to the participating garden center,” said Tamony. “New customers coming through your door can expand sales and create opportunities for repeat business.”

Nearly 90% of participating retailers say they are happy with Shop Monrovia. “The growth in the program is a win-win for our business and the customer,” said Blake Jensen, Vice President at Earl May Garden Center. “We see customers turning into repeat buyers. We expect to see even more growth as we continue to promote special orders as part of our services.”

“Garden centers that receive more than one delivery in spring and order from multiple Monrovia nurseries will benefit most from the program,” added Tamony. “Multiple deliveries can create an even wider selection for customers shopping online.”

Visit https://go.monrovia.com/simplify-special-orders to learn more.

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