Every year, millions of stems of flowers are exported from Antalya to 73 countries, especially to the Netherlands, which is considered the center of world floriculture. The sector, which aimed to export 150 million dollars for 2023, earned 135 million dollars of income from 650 million flower branches by the end of 2023.

The most produced and exported variety of flowers was carnation this year, as it was in previous years. Gerbera, ruscus, eucalyptus, and ornamental plants were also among the top exports.

Central Anatolian Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association Vice President Harun Yeter said that they started the new year well and are hopeful. Stating that the price of the stems has not changed for about 8 years and that it has been sold for 8 cents, Yeter said, "We closed 2023 with an income of 135 million USD, but we started 2024 well. We are hopeful. We aim for an income of 150-160 million USD."

Yeter said that input costs have increased considerably, and they are in a difficult situation. Stating that they are trying to make use of the products they have left in 2023 rather than throwing them away and that they are turning to countries with intense nightlife and entertainment centers, especially Greece, Yeter said, "We exported only the buds of the flowers we had, whose shelf life was decreasing, by plucking the buds from the branches. These are the flowers we exported at lower prices. This product is used for decoration in entertainment centers."

Source: Gazete Duvar