Serkan Semen, President of the Mersin Chamber of Florists, Tradesmen, and Craftsmen, stated that according to previous TÜİK data, cut rose production in Mersin was 15.8 million stems in an area of ​​37 hectares and represents 15.6% of the annual cut rose production in Turkey, which is around 101 million stems. He noted that the city produces nearly 30% of the cut rose production in the winter season and that cut rose production in Mersin makes a significant contribution to employment, agricultural income, and regional development.

Semen said, "Mersin is one of the most suitable regions for rose production. Roses are produced in closed greenhouses in winter and in the plains in summer. Roses are cut daily from greenhouses and are delivered to all florists and wholesalers in 81 provinces of Turkey. Roses grown in Mersin were previously only for the winter months. Recently, summer production started in the plains, thus production now continues for 12 months. The average growing time of the rose is between 60 and 65 days. The life of a rose stem after harvest is 15 to 20 days."

Pointing out that the production cost of a bunch of roses varies between heated and unheated greenhouses and that there is a 10% price increase in rose prices in winter, Semen said, "February 14 is important for growers. There is an approximately 150% increase in rose sales on special days. The average price of a bunch of roses at a florist on Valentine's Day varies between 20 - 25 USD, depending on their quality."

Source: Dunya