Agriculture has always been a constant contributor to the Indian economy. Previously, this occupation included only peasants from uneducated villages who owned large plots of land. Now everything has changed. From high-paid professionals to housewives, everyone has ventured into modern farming to try their luck. A woman from Pune named Swati Kendre is one of them.

She practiced traditional farming, but now, she has adopted modern farming methods by opening a nursery for the cultivation of Gerbera flowers on her land. According to reports, she is now earning millions by selling those flowers in the market. It has a land area of ​​30 Gunthas, which is approximately more than 30,000 square feet.

These flowers are in high demand during festivals, celebrations, and weddings. Often used for decoration at events. Swati Kendre said that this crop is a good source of income as it is cultivated throughout the year. According to Swati, 300 gerbera flowers are sent to Pune’s Gultekdi flower market every day. She and her husband sell their flowers for between Rs 20 and Rs 90, depending on the market demand.

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