The company ANSU originated from the merging of the Westland-based horticultural company ANCO and the Thai breeder Suphachadiwong. The owners of both companies first met in Thailand in 1994. After years of intense collaboration, the two companies merged in 2019 under the name ANSU. While the company initially started with unique Vanda orchids, after merging, they also expanded their focus to include foliage plants.

"ANSU is a company dedicated to producing unique and high-quality flowers and plants. The Vanda is an example of such a unique species, and ANSU is the exclusive producer of this product in Europe. This has been made possible through intensive collaboration with their facilities in Thailand."

Within the orchid assortment, ANSU cultivates the Vanda, Cattleya, and Dendrobium Berry Oda. In their foliage, plant assortment includes various types of Aglaonema. Additionally, the Adenium Baobab, Tillandsia, Philodendron, Dischidia, and special varieties of Cactus are also part of this grower's collection.