"The botanical cyclamen are filling a missing piece in our puzzle, enabling us to offer a complete cyclamen series," says Héloïse Morel of Morel. On December 15, this French Cyclamen persicum breeder and seed producer acquired Kwekerij Koen. "It was a superb opportunity to obtain breeding work already well advanced on botanicals and almost all existing species."

Héloïse Morel, with Petit Moulin, but with the botanical cyclamen in the background (left)

Broadening assortment
Historically, Morel is famous for creating new varieties and innovating. Since the 80s, they have marketed over 350 hybrid F1s, including many standard and unique varieties (from mini to maxi). They had already developed a strong interest in botanical cyclamen and started a collection, but this acquisition allowed them to significantly broaden their range. "This acquisition enables us to step up our approach as a passionate and responsible creator of varieties and to take a practical approach to creating new varieties that are more tolerant of extreme climatic conditions and more economical in their production cycle."

Over a defined period, Morel's research department will be learning how to work best with the various species from Aad Koen, the previous owner of Koen Kwekerij. "Our team is delighted to work with him and this new material."

The botanical cyclamen display at the IPM Essen 2024

Resolutely implementing the development plan
"With this acquisition, we are resolutely implementing our development plan, and we will thus strengthen our position as a leader in cyclamen breeding, diversify our genetic offering in line with the Group's strong and concrete policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, and ensure the continuity and development of Koen's customer service."

Internation expansion
Morel will not only continue to serve Koen's existing customers, they will also keep the staff in place. On top of that, they will develop international trade by taking advantage of Morel's extensive network. "And thanks to our team of field technicians, we will take up the challenge of strengthening our "à la carte" advice service with these species that are new to us."

Aim on the long-term
In the long term, Morel aims to broaden their range by adding perennial botanical species that allow cyclamen to be used for other purposes, like gardens, underground, and green spaces. In line with that, they aim to offer products that meet both consumer taste and the current trend of a return to "nature" with plants that resow naturally and consume less water and fertilizer, which fully follows our CSR approach.

Lots of interest
Morel presented this new range of botanical cyclamen from the Aad Koen Selection at the IPM Essen 2024, which took place last month, and according to Héloïse, the interest was large. "We were pleasantly surprised by the interest aroused by our small botanical display, which, at this time of year, mainly shows C. Coum varieties. And not only from our existing contacts but it also caught the eye of our new prospects. I think it is because people are happy to learn that we're going to offer these new cyclamen species and that we're also going to select them to make them more attractive."

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