The demand for compact plants is rising. At the IPM Essen, which took place last month, several smaller-sized novelties were on display. One such novelty is the new hibiscus line of Diem Hibiscus, namely D-Tahiti Midi.

Alexandro Bock and Montserrat Josa at the IPM Essen.

"Special about this series is that it is suitable for smaller pots, from 10 up to 17 cm", says Alexandro Bock of Diem srl, who breeds and grows young and finished plants in Italy and supplies his varieties all over the world.

In breeding, they used to focus on small and large flowers, but now they decided to make varieties suitable for smaller pots. "The genetics of this line are more compact, meaning that less use of plant growth regulators is required."

The size of the flowers and leaves are also different compared to the ones in Diem's assortment. "The plants are midi-sized, the flowers are 8-10 cm, and the leaves are smaller than the regular hibiscus. Midi, however, does not mean less flowers", Bock stresses.

They currently have 9 colors in their assortment. "The colors are brilliant, and with 9 colors, we have almost every color available."

According to Bock, this new series enriches his and the grower's assortment as it is a versatile product. "Consumers can use it on the patio, on a table, on the balcony, till the garden. And growers can even decide to use it to make hibiscus on stems. And this can be done directly from cuttings, so without any grafting."

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Eager to see the varieties of Diem Hibiscus? Later this month, from February 21-23, they will be exhibiting at the Myplant & Garden in Milan, Italy.

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