In a world increasingly aware of environmental impact, the demand for sustainable alternatives in the floral industry is louder than ever. Decowraps proudly collaborates with partner Out-Nature to introduce their latest innovation: Silphie paper packaging - "a revolutionary step towards a greener and more responsible use of paper in horticulture."

Closing the cycle with Silphie paper
Derived partially from remnants of the Silphium plant, typically used in biogas production, Silphie paper is not just a sustainable alternative; it's a way to redefine sustainability in paper manufacturing. Decowraps makes it possible to wrap flowers and plants in "Plant-Based Paper," closing the cycle and elevating the use of waste streams.

Silphie Paper: An ecological marvel
"Beyond being a fiber and energy source, the Silphie plant is an ecological marvel. From promoting biodiversity to enhancing soil quality, efficient water management, and active carbon storage; the life cycle benefits of Silphie paper are numerous."

Boosting Biodiversity
"The Silphie plant actively contributes to the flourishing of local ecosystems, with native pollinators feasting on the Silphie plant's flowers."

Soil Enrichment & Water Management:
"One significant advantage of the Silphie plant lies in its ability to improve both soil quality and water management, thereby preventing erosion."

CO₂ Storage
"By storing carbon in the soil through the formation of humus, the Silphie plant, and consequently Silphie paper, plays a crucial role in mitigating the impact of climate change by sequestering greenhouse gases from the air."

Decowraps aims to further enhance the sustainability of packaging for ornamental horticulture by using Silphie Paper.

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