In a revolutionary stride towards transforming the Indian floral landscape, the CSIR-Himalayan Bioresource Technology Institute (CSIR-IHBT) Palampur has undertaken an initiative to locally cultivate peony flowers. This ambitious project may reduce India’s dependency on imported peonies, traditionally sourced from the Netherlands, and holds the promise of not only meeting the increasing demand for these exquisite blooms but also significantly improving the financial outlook for Indian flower growers.

The resplendent peony flowers, renowned for their captivating beauty and cultural significance, have become a sought-after commodity in the market, commanding prices upwards of Rs 500 per stem. By nurturing the growth of peonies within the Indian climate, CSIR Palampur aims to create a sustainable market for this high-value flower, providing local farmers with an opportunity to enhance their financial prosperity through flower farming.

This project is the result of a collaboration between CSIR Palampur, the Dutch company M/s Dirk Schipper, and Haryana-based M/s Red Mirchi Company. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been formalized, marking a significant step towards harnessing international expertise and resources to adapt peony seeds to thrive in the local environment. The collaboration involves an extensive research program to develop indigenous varieties of peony flowers that are well-suited to the Indian climate.