Miley Cyrus isn't the only one who got her "Flowers" for Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performer at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 4. The entire red carpet was in flower, thanks to botanical artist Tu Bloom and his design team.

Senetti and BlueOcean arrangement and TuBloom with red carpet arrangement, which included vivid purple flowers with red roses, elevated above the bedding plants. It's fun to capture the stars as they strut through

This was the fifth year Suntory Flowers partnered with Bloom. New this year were BluOcean chrysanthemums from our Florigene division in South America. He and his team were amazed at how truly blue and purple they were. Each year, he uses Florigene's vivid purple Moon carnations, which have an outstanding vase life.

Planter bases were filled with Senetti Blue Bicolor Improved plants grown locally by Armstrong Growers. "It was an outstanding, uniform crop!"

Bloom also incorporated Wave petunias from PanAmerican Seed, demonstrating how you can mix bedding plants in floral arrangements.

Behind the scenes
Bloom's design studio is a truck parking area outside the LA Convention Center! High winds and heavy rains were a challenge, but the sun was back out on Thursday.

BluOcean arrangement and bouquets.

More than 26 large arrangements were made for the red carpet, plus smaller, tighter bouquets for other event areas. Red roses tied the blues and purples to the red carpet.

Senetti swag bags.

Something blue
The media center requested something blue to match the sponsor, FIJI Water. Bloom designed an arrangement using BluOcean chrysanthemums, lilies, blue roses, and Senetti Blue Bicolor plants. Music industry VIPs got to take a Senetti plant home in their Chicago Bloom swag bag.

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