Crown diameter is one of the crucial indicators for evaluating the adaptability, growth quality, and ornamental value of garden chrysanthemums. To obtain crown diameter accurately, this study employed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with an RGB camera to capture orthorectified canopy images of 64 varieties of garden chrysanthemums at different growth stages.

Three methods, namely RGB color space, hue-saturation-value (HSV) color space, and the mask region-based convolutional neural network (Mask R-CNN) were employed to estimate the crown diameter of garden chrysanthemums. The results revealed that the Mask R-CNN exhibited the best performance in crown diameter estimation (sample number = 2409, R2 = 0.9629, RMSE = 2.2949 cm).

Following closely, the HSV color space-based model exhibited strong performance (sample number = 2409, R2 = 0.9465, RMSE = 3.4073 cm). Both of the first two methods were efficient in estimating crown diameter throughout the entire growth stage. In contrast, the RGB color space-based model exhibited slightly lower performance (sample number = 1065, R2 = 0.9011, RMSE = 3.3418 cm) and was only applicable during periods when the entire plant was predominantly green. These findings provide theoretical and technical support for utilizing UAV-based imagery to estimate the crown diameter of garden chrysanthemums.

Zhang, J.; Lu, J.; Zhang, Q.; Qi, Q.; Zheng, G.; Chen, F.; Chen, S.; Zhang, F.; Fang, W.; Guan, Z. Estimation of Garden Chrysanthemum Crown Diameter Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-Based RGB Imagery. Agronomy 2024, 14, 337.

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