In the town of Wangguan, under the prefecture-level city of Suqian in Jiangsu province, Wang Li, a cultivator of butterfly orchids, is jubilant over her blooming business prospects, as she can easily net 50,000 yuan ($6,944) each year on a parcel of land as small as 0.067 hectares.

The sought-after plants, native to subtropical rainforest regions and well-received by flower enthusiasts in recent years, are dubbed the "Queen of Orchids." Wang said her business is helped by Butterfly Orchid World, located in nearby Caiji town, which boasts some 120 species of butterfly orchids to produce over 16 million such plants annually.

Shi Ruhao, production manager of Butterfly Orchid World — a unit of Jiangsu Guofeng Agricultural Technology Co Ltd — said the cultivation base in Sucheng district is a beautiful site to behold, with colorful butterfly orchids entering a proverbial daily beauty contest.

She said the booming business of the 63.3-hectare plantation base, composed of flowering areas, planting and maintenance sections, and a tissue specimen zone, needs partners to thrive. One such partnership involves nearby growers, who can allow his company to grow sales, while another is the local electric power supplier, which helps ensure safe operation of the constant temperature greenhouses surrounding the plants.