Jill Brooke, who launched Flowerpowerdaily.com, the website that looks at how flowers intersect into news and pop culture, has a message for spouses.

“Give your spouse’s best friend flowers or candy this year for Valentine’s Day since they have most likely saved your marriage countless times. You can write on the card, ‘Thanks for helping my marriage survive and thrive.”

The role of friends in maintaining and strengthening marriages gets little attention. However, therapists agree that friends can be influential in how spouses navigate emotions and day-to-day hiccups and obstacles.

Jane Karsh, a prominent psychologist in New York City, says that friends offer not only a “receiving blanket” to comfort but also a reality check.

“Many people, and especially women, will share their emotional lives with their friends,” says Karsh. “Men in particular may not be as aware of how intimately friends share about their marriages and love lives.”

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