In the world of forestry and forestry products, the FSC is one of the most well-known certifications. The certification process pays attention to people, animals, and the environment. It scrutinizes the entire chain from the forest up to customer delivery.

Recently, Van Nifterik has been FSC certified as it complies with all FSC principles and criteria. As a supplier of plant support products, the company is among the first to offer FSC-certified bamboo.

Martin Cromwijk and Marith Bremmer (sales manager and marketing manager at Van Nifterik) say: "The certification is well-known, especially among consumers therefore it increases retail interests. In addition, it allows our customers to differentiate themselves."

The recently expanded factory in China

Although Van Nifterik controls a large part of the production process, the FSC certification process wasn't an easy one. Namely, bamboo is officially not wood and 'does not enjoy a high status in China.' "Nevertheless, we aimed to convince our suppliers of its value and potential, particularly so because we have a factory in China. We think that the FSC certification matches well with our company, and we are absolutely proud of it".

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