A new study by pergola and pavilion designers PergolaKitsUSA has revealed the winter flowers that America gets most excited about.

The research analyzed search volumes from Google Keyword Planner for the array of flowers that embellish the coldest months of the year, blooming in the winter and very early spring. This data pertained to searches in the past 12 months and uncovered each state’s favorite winter bloomers and the most loved cold-weather flowers nationwide.

#1 Amaryllis
The winter bloomer topping the list in America is Amaryllis. The beautiful, scarlet, lily-like flower makes the top five most searched winter bloomers in every single state, as well as topping the chart in 20 states and taking second in half of all of them. A nationwide search volume of 235,833 in the past 12 months put Amaryllis at the top of the bunch.

#2 Christmas Cactus
The festive Christmas Cactus comes in as America’s second favorite winter bloomer. The succulent, of the scientific name Schlumbergera, was not only the second most searched winter flower nationwide but the most searched in as many as 27 states. It was one of the five most searched in every single state, not to mention taking the second spot in yet another 19 states. From East to West, America absolutely loves Christmas Cacti, with the total annual search volume for the plant coming in at 227,250.

#3 Pansy
The third favorite winter bloomer nationwide is the Pansy. This was the third most searched winter-blooming flower in 39 states. Pansies were also in the top five in all but one state. America searched for the Pansy at a huge annual search volume of 188,583. Is the state missing out on the Pansy hype? Florida.

#Poinsettia and Witch Hazel
The fourth and fifth most popular winter flowers in the country were Poinsettia and Witch Hazel, respectively. Scientifically named Euphorbia Pulcherrima, Poinsettia was the fourth most searched in the US as a whole and by as many as 27 states, the total search volume reaching 134,491 over the last 12 months. Meanwhile, Hamamelis, better known as Witch Hazel, was the fifth most searched overall and top five in 34 states with a total search volume of 127,783.

Other popular plants
Other popular plants included Viola which proved to be the favored winter bloomer in Illinois, and among the five favorites of ten states in total, as well as Hellebore which was the favored winter flower in Oregon and Washington, as well as being top five in nine other states.

Fred Von Burg, CEO of PergolaKitsUSA spoke on these findings: “In the coldest months when trees are bare and most plants are in hibernation, it can be easy to take a hiatus from appreciating the floral world. These winter-bloomers keep the world bright and colorful when the winter can make it feel bleak and monochrome, so it’s fascinating to know which of these winter beauties are favored across the country.”

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