According to Seren Trump (Brisbane Flower Market spokesperson), Valentine's tastes are changing, with Brisbane Flower Market businesses reporting a rise in people looking beyond the traditional red for love.

She says: "We've seen a real shift in preferences with other colors becoming much more popular. Whereas four years ago, our wholesalers may have sold 80% red roses and 20% other colors at Valentine's, this year we are much closer to a 50/50 split." "Red is still the favourite but colours like burnt orange or yellow, which symbolises friendship, are rising in popularity", she continues.

Source: Brisbane Flower Market

At the Brisbane Flower Market, they draw attention to the fact that opting for other colors could be a way to save money during Valentine's Day, as red roses have a slightly higher price point. Ms Trump adds: "Another way to save some money this Valentine's Day is to opt for seasonal flowers rather than roses, for instance, natives are a great option in hot and humid weather."

Brisbane Flower Market wholesalers have trucks arriving 24 hours a day to meet the expected demand for blossoms from Queensland's growers, including those in Redlands, the Sunshine Coast, and the Lockyer Valley. And further afield from Victoria and Tasmania, as well as imported flowers from Central America, Africa, and India.

To meet Valentine's Day demand, The Brisbane Flower Market trading hours are extended to 5 am to 5 pm on 13 and 14 February.

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