Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and all reports indicate this year wholesale flower sales are going well in the US, Joost Bongaerts, owner of Florabundance and Garden Rose Direct reports. “I have talked with flower growers domestic and international in the past week and they were all pleased the way things are going. Fellow wholesalers confirmed what we have noticed at Florabundance that sales are going well.”

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On a Wednesday
According to Bongaerts, having Valentine’s Day fall on a Wednesday seems to make things smoother. “Many retailers encouraged customers to get flowers on the weekend or a day before Valentine’s day so they can take on last minute walk in sales.” And so far, transportation and logistics have been going smoothly around the country. “The fact that Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday many deliveries are spread out.”

Valentine's Day preparations at Mobis. They provide mass market stores with bouquets of American grown and import flowers.

Alternative fillers from South America
“Although record amounts of rain fell less than a week ago in central and southern California (most in 100 years) many field grown crops were a challenge to harvest or were lost and caused shortages for bouquet makers. Growers reported they had to look at alternative filler flowers from South America to complete their bouquet orders for the mass market customers.”

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Small increase in consumer spending expected
With a few days left to sell the flowers, the Valentine's Day season is almost over for growers and wholesalers. Then, we have to wait for the final sales results. However, as reported last week, the National Retail Federation is predicting a small increase in spending this Valentine’s Day. The next flower event is International Woman’s Day on March 8, a flower holiday that is increasing in popularity all over the world.

Flower bunches at Florabundance.

Promoting everyday floral purchases
Great Valentine’s Day or holiday floral sales are very important for the industry showing that Americans love flowers. However, the floral sales are expected to dip after holidays. Therefore, the floral industry needs to continue to work on ways to increase the daily or weekly flower sales, explains Bongaerts. “This is a gradual process of education and it has started with the national flower ad campaign That Flower Feeling. That Flower Feeling introduced the "That Flower Feeling" campaign. Their crafted assets are excellent for promoting the integration of flowers into daily life, and they are freely available for anyone in the floral industry.”

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